What are the reasons for a DNA paternity test?

Requesting a dna paternity test before or after the birth of a child is possible. DNA tests allow you, through a comparative examination, to establish parentage and to know the biological father of the child. Acknowledging one’s child gives rise to rights and obligations. However, it is now possible to do it at home, just like a home gender test, and have accurate results. A paternity test is essential to know the father of the child. Establishing a paternity link can be done in order to dispel doubts within the family or to have more information about one’s origins. A simple sampling kit will make it possible to compare the genetic markers of two people. This type of test is not intended to produce legal effects because it is not acknowledged by the high court. It will not be possible to use the results to request an acknowledgement of paternity, the payment of alimony or any parental authority.

The price of a DNA paternity test

Today’s laboratories performing DNA paternity tests use advanced and innovative techniques to guarantee results that are 99.999% reliable. Paternity is established through a saliva sample or other non-standard sample. To take a paternity test, you have to pay 149 euros. Generally, the results of the tests are obtained within 3 working days after the laboratory receives the sample. By paying this price, you can be sure that the DNA test will remain strictly confidential, with respect to all the information you entrust to us. Moreover, the samples will be coded by a third party.

DNA testing with a home gender test

The procedure for paternity testing is relatively simple. You can order a DNA kit to perform a paternity test quickly in 48 hours and receive the results of the paternity link within 3 working days! In most cases, the buccal swab is the standard sample to have a saliva sample. However, since in a DNA search, this sample is not always possible, you can rely on non-standard samples such as hair, cigarette butts, blood samples or even semen stains to perform a test. Are you expecting a baby and are you curious about the gender? This can be found out through a home gender test. This test also works with DNA samples. Find out whether you are having a boy or a girl easily by doing a home gender test.