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President Jokowi Holds Bilateral Meeting with European Commission President

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Automation is one of the biggest drivers of change within the mobility sector, promising to deliver safer, more efficient, and more affordable movement of goods and people. This major transformation also comes with significant risks and uncertainties. While full AVs may be in their infancy and their deployment limited, disruption at scale is hitting fast and hard. An example of a family of automotive underbodies illustrates the application of the discrete design space approach to develop a common platform. Prices and availability of products and services are subject to change without notice.

  • ITS as a green-university also strives to innovate economic automotive product.
  • We have a heritage of proven functional safety, providing the highest levels of safety and reliability for our customers’ automotive applications.
  • Massive change occurs inside the factory and the supply chain, as ever-more advanced data analytics, virtualized computing models and robotics in the
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