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Solve your baldness in Turkey

Hair loss and baldness are problems that can negatively affect a person’s self-esteem. Although there are solutions, not everyone can afford them. A hair transplant can cost around 15,000 euros in countries such as the United States or the European Community. Because of this, many people decide to travel to other countries where these medical procedures are cheaper. However, you must know how to choose, because not all countries can get professional surgeons. That is the reason why many people choose hair transplant Turkey, because it is a country where professional medical centers are available. You can check the results with the “before and after” of many patients, getting quality results for an affordable price. It all starts with an Internet search where you can find medical centers in Turkey and learn more about their offered services.

An all-inclusive package

Medical centers in Turkey know how to convince people from other countries to decide to travel to Turkey for a hair transplant. It starts with a video call in which the surgeon evaluates your case and explains which technique will give you the best results. He will also tell you what to do before and after the transplant. The recovery period is essential if you want to achieve good results. Choose a medical center which transplant costs includes airfare, lodging, food, etcetera. This way, once you arrive at the airport, someone will be waiting to take you to the hotel. Keep in mind that you are going to a country you may have never visited before, so have the support of another person to guide you. Perhaps you could take a couple of hours to visit a bit of the city you will be visiting.

What happens after the transplant?

If you think you will walk into the doctor’s office bald and walk out with hair that Samson himself would envy, you are wrong. A transplant is about “seeding” hair that needs to grow. The scalp will be sensitive, so you have to use the medications the surgeon will prescribe. In addition, avoid direct contact with sunlight, since you could burn the follicles. The doctor will forbid any activities that require physical effort and sports after a hair transplant. Too much effort can cause the capillary to detach. Your scalp will likely be itchy or sore. That is normal, and the surgeon will give you medications to cope with it. Never scratch because you could cause damage to your scalp. Remember, the recovery can be up to a year, so you must be patient.