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Too many people experience the above situations and too many people regain weight after following the “diet” program. So what’s the solution?

Must be Ideal Fat Loss

When people try a program, they are guaranteed very fast results. For example, you can lose 10 kilos in 1 month or even more. But these are not good for our mental and physical health. Why can?

Okay, think for a moment when you guys tried to lose weight. Surely it feels very difficult to lose just 1 kilo right? Imagine what you have to do to lose 10 kg? It must be very difficult and there are many sacrifices that you have to do, such as eating or eating food that is not delicious. Yes, maybe this way you can lose weight fast, but are you able to maintain this burden for the next 1-2 years with that “extreme” lifestyle.

Surely not? You will find a time when you return to your old lifestyle because of the extreme extreme of the “diet” program.

So it’s really important that we look for a diet that can offer even small but stable weight loss. Because with these small changes, we will be able to slowly bring these positive changes to our lifestyle in the long term.

So, what is the ideal weight loss? Maybe you will be surprised, but generally good weight loss is 0.5 kg to 1 kg per week. And this number can be slightly higher when you have more fat to lose.

By knowing this ideal number, we can easily find out which diet or lifestyle can make people fall by this number per week. Because that lifestyle or diet will definitely not force our bodies to struggle to suffer in such a short time! We will instead slowly change our bad habits to be healthier and slowly we will lose weight.

This is the key to a successful diet, it must be done slowly but in the long term, not fast but not long lasting. Make sure you also take supplements. ProVen is a trusted weight loss supplement and many people have tried it. Interested? visit the official proven reviews website

Example: Plant Based Diet

If you have read this blog a lot or know me personally, you will often hear the word diet or lifestyle that I suggest. I often advise all clients and people to try to eat vegetables instead of meat because of what? Not only to lose weight, but to make our bodies healthy!

When our bodies are healthy, have low cholesterol, are rarely exposed to harmful chemicals or excessive hormones from animal products, our bodies will feel like new again. We will start to move around a lot and be able to do many things with high energy. With this new body, there will come fat loss or weight loss.

By simply changing the way we eat, I can guarantee that you will lose 4-5 kg ‚Äč‚Äčeasily within a month. And for the next month, you will definitely lose more weight and decrease to your ideal weight. Oh yes, one more thing, with this lifestyle, you will feel a much healthier body compared to your previous lifestyle!

So before you follow or invest your time and health into something “diet”, remember this. Look for a diet that offers the ideal fat loss results. With this we can feel our body changes in the long term. This is how you can lose your weight for good!