Information about Seattle and Alaska Ferries

Travelling can have various means. When it is for certain distances that can be taken by land, it is possible to drive car. It is quite convenient when it is only for short distance. It will be different story when it is for long distance. Some people consider taking other means of transportation to deal with the distance. When it has to drive, it can take longer duration. It will be quite problematic when there are traffic jams. Hours can be spent inside the cars and it can be boring and exhausting. It will also happen when someone wants to travel from Seattle to Victoria. It is possible to drive the cars but it can take more than 3 hours and it can be longer than that.

As the alternative, it is possible to have ferry for the travel or trip. Ferry can become convenient access to reach Victoria. It will not be exhausting process and there will not be moments spent long inside the cars. There will also be no problems of traffic jams. People can enjoy sitting in the seats of ferry. It is easy to find Seattle ferry directions to make sure that they can get the right destination where later they have to stop. The duration can be shorter and there is no exhaustion. The ferry is surely nice choice to travel from Seattle to Victoria. Even, it can be quite cheap, or even cheaper than other transportation.

The ferry is comfortable means of transportation. It is nice transportation with 425 seats. The ferry has two options of seat classes. The first class is the standard fare class. It can be considered as the basic seats and of course it is cheaper. Although it is still basic type of seat, it is still comfortable where people can sit and even sleep during the trip. Then, there are comfort class seats. These seats are more comfortable as what its name shows, and of course the seats are more expensive but it will be worth of the price.  These may also be found in Alaska ferries. Alaska ferries travel from Bellingham Washington and it will reach Haines and Skagway. It is nice route for those who want to travel to Anchorage. The ferries do not stop in Anchorage directly so passengers can choose to stop in Haines and later they can drive for 675 miles. As for better option, passengers can take the ferries and stop at Whittier that will be better access because the passengers do not need to drive into area of Canada.

In addition to passengers, the ferries can be good options of shipping cars to Anchorage. Shipping the cars is quite different from the passengers, especially in term of price. Shipping the car from Seattle to Anchorage will take around 11 days and it will take longer duration to ship the car from Anchorage to Seattle because it can take up to 14 days. As for the cost, it is determined by the dimension of the dimension of the car. It is not about height of car, but it will be determined based on the length and width of the vehicle.