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Beautifully designed sustainable glass bottles for storage small glass bottles with lids

Sustainability is very important in today’s society. Not only should we be concerned for our environment, but we should also invest in quality products. The fast mass culture can be very damaging for our world. Not only have a lot of plastic products already been replaced with different materials, but companies have also been looking for ways to create sustainable packaging. So many brands have adopted the philosophy of sustainability and have created sustainable products. And one of these companies is Glasmeister. Please keep reading if you would like to know more about how they have created sustainable products.

About Glasmeister

This innovative company believes in creating premium quality sustainable glass bottles and jars. Glassmeister offers eco-luxe glass packaging in the hopes of creating a clean future. A lot of bottles and jars are only used once and then thrown away. Glass bottles can be re-used many times, therefore reducing waste. The glass is also made from recycled materials, making the product even more sustainable. So by creating these bottles they are reducing waste, re-using the bottles and recycling the glass.

How they create eco-friendly products

A product can be eco-friendly in a number of ways. Glasmeister makes sure their products are lightweight. This results in higher volume capacity and a minimal amount of material. The quality and strength of the bottles and jars stay the same, so you don’t have to worry about them not holding up. This is not only sustainable for the bottles, but also for the transport. As more bottles can be transported for the same weight. The production is also very eco-friendly. Glasmeister uses special technology to limit CO2 emissions. This is why they use as many renewable energy sources, such as wind energy. While there is already production sustainable, they are always looking for new and improved ways to make it even more eco-friendly.

Their products

Glasmeister has a big variety of sustainable glass products. You can find cosmetic bottles and jars, which are perfect for skincare products. It’s also possible to store your perfume in a sustainable glass bottle. These bottles vary from 8 ml to 500 ml, so there is always a bottle that fits your wishes. Glasmeister has also created little dropper bottles which are perfect for any product that requires dosing. Glasmeister even has special vitamin jars, which have a wide opening that helps you to get the capsules out.