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Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk

Hello guys, welcome to my website. Now, I’ll be talking about “Adobe Lightroom“. Here’s a full review below: Portrait editing applications on both laptops and cellphones are now available in various variations. Even some software that was previously only used on laptops now has a mobile version. One of the most popular portrait editing software is Lightroom. 

This application, which is still under the auspices of Adobe’s developer, offers something that is different from the others. As the name implies, Lightroom itself is used for better illumination and filter editing in a photo. 

What is Adobe Lightroom? 

Nowadays, we take photos almost every day of our life. Some like to take selfies, while others like to capture the moment in an old-fashioned way. But one thing’s in common – we all love to use our phones to do it. It has become the norm! Every phone today has a built-in camera, now a requirement. 

But some people want to edit their cherished moments to make them look more professional and stunning. Some find the editing features built into their phones are sufficient. But others are looking for apps that can do more. Meet Adobe Lightroom – the only photo editing app you will ever need! This powerful app is able to turn your dull looking photos into stunning ones. From filters to color adjustments – it has everything you need and more! But if you are confused about how different it is to Adobe Photoshop, here they are. 

Basically, Adobe Lightroom is what you need if you just need to enhance, correct colors and beautify your photos. But Adobe Photoshop can manipulate photos in ways that ordinary photo editing applications cannot. You can also use it to create logos, brochures, or even ebook covers. Whereas in Adobe Lightroom, 

Overall, Adobe Lightroom is the way to go if you want your photos to look more stunning and professional. But it has more features than you might imagine!

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Adobe Lightroom Features 

At first glance, Adobe Lightroom has all the features you need and more! It can quickly turn your photos into stunning ones without any graphic design skills required! Here are the full features of Adobe Lightroom: 

  • Basic editing tools 

If you only need basic editing tools, Adobe Lightroom has everything you need! This includes cropping, spinning, and so on. If you just need a quick edit on your images, why not use Adobe Lightroom so that the quality is as high as possible? It’s packed with everything you need for simple editing on the go. There’s no need to transfer your photos to a computer just for editing, just download Adobe Lightroom. 

  • Color Enhancement 

Adobe Lightroom’s true strength lies in its ability to correct the color of any image! If you didn’t know, the color enhancement represents the mood of the picture. For example, you can use a darker color in your image to represent sadness or loneliness. But you can also edit your photos to have vivid coloring which symbolizes happiness and passion. In Adobe Lightroom, you can do anything you want when it comes to color enhancement. You can even edit exposure, contrast, highlight and more! All with a simple slider you can use in no time. That’s the real power of this revolutionary editing tool. 

  • Easy presets 

Apart from that, Adobe Lightroom also provides easy-to-use presets! You can apply this preset instantly to your photos if you don’t want to mess with the controls. These presets come preloaded with the exact settings you want your photos to have. There are presets if you want high contrast, high contrast and detail and so on! Think of it as a template that you can use whenever you just want a quick edit. They are more sophisticated than just filters because they don’t just cover the image with color. Presets do color correction for you! But if you can’t find the preset you need, that’s where you need to tinker with the settings.  

  • Helpful tutorials 

What’s even more amazing in Adobe Lightroom is the fact that they spread helpful tutorials throughout the application. Every time you use the feature, a pop-up form appears with some helpful suggestions. Usually they describe the features and what can be done for your image. This really helps because you don’t have to experiment or guess a lot. You already have helpful guides to help you create the photos you want. 

  • Remove anything 

Sometimes, there are unwanted elements in our photos that make them less attractive. In this case, we usually ignore it and take something else. But we found that the former is better because it is honest. Usually, when you want to erase something, you use Adobe Photoshop. However, Adobe Lightroom is more than capable of doing this! With this feature, you can remove almost any element and replace it with something that’s also in your photo. 

  • Smart organization 

Another feature of Adobe Lightroom is Adobe Sensei which uses AI to automatically tag and organize your photos based on the elements in them. This is useful if you don’t have time to organize everything. If you want to find a specific photo, just search for “mountains” and all your photos with mountains in them will appear. It can be done for people too! 

  • Advanced photo sharing 

Adobe Lightroom also has a feature where you can easily create albums to invite other people to. Think of it like Google Drive but only for photos! 

  • HD export 

Lastly, Adobe Lightroom doesn’t take away the quality of your photos. In fact, it can even increase it! You can export any photo in the highest quality possible so that you can use it for business or for personal matters. 

  • No (Ads) 

In the standard version the user will get a number of advertisements each used, but not too often. Even though the advertisements are not too many, they are certainly the most annoying for most people. Users must upgrade to the premium version in order to remove it. 

The upgrade process is certainly inseparable from the costs that must be issued and is quite expensive. However, in this mod version, users are free from advertisements and do not need to pay payment fees. The use is sure to be more effective and comfortable. 

  • No Root 

Most mod versions of the software require the user to root the cellphone system first. However, the third-party developers of this software do not ask the user to do root before using it. 

Users just need to download and install as usual, then the software can be used. This is of course the most beneficial because root itself on each cellphone has different methods and is not immediately successful in one go. 

Download Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk 

The following is a download of the Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk, as follows: 

Version 6.1.0 
Size 93 MB 
Android 5.0 or higher 

Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk Features 

  1. Premium features unlocked 
  1. Disabled / Removing unwanted Permissions + Recipients and Services 
  1. Analysis / Crashlytics disabled. 

How to Install Adobe Lightroom Mod Apk 

  • First, activate access to software installation outside of Play Store, the method is: select Settings> Security> select the check option Allow Installing Applications from Unknown Sources. 
  • After that, open the folder where you downloaded the file earlier. 
  • Select the file that has been downloaded with the .apk format 
  • The installation process will automatically run and wait for it to finish. 

That is the overview of the latest Full Preset Mod Lightroom Apk Download 2020 v6.1.0 

Hopefully usefull. Thank you…!!!