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7 Amazing HEALTH CARE Hacks

One of the main ways you can create consistency in healthy habits is by starting your day right. Great morning routines, ensure that everything else during the day will fall into perspective. Healthy routines positively affect our overall health, our sleeping habits, eating patterns, and stress levels. Your morning routine will determine how your day will look like.  For example, if you are a football player, ensuring that you have all your accessories for the day ready by the morning assures a fruitful day of sporting. In addition to that, ensure that you have quality accessories. Online review sites such as will help you look into football accessories stores in UK and thus shop from reputable stores. When it comes to adopting healthy morning habits, it can be hard to adopt everything at once. Therefore focus on some habits, as these few become a routine, focus on the others until you can adopt all of them. This article covers healthy morning habits that will help you start your day right.

 Snooze your phone

If upon waking up, the first thing you do is take your smartphone and check for emails or messages, you are harming yourself. This only serves to cultivate your mind to be reactive instead of proactive, making you begin your day in a defensive state rather than being in a state of inner control and peace. To start your day perfectly, ensure that you stay away from technology in the first few hours of your day.

 Plan for your day

Lacking a schedule for your day can make it very easy to reach the end of the day only for one to recognize that they spent their day without doing anything important. To ensure you have a productive day, spend the first five to ten minutes of your morning making a list of the things you want to undertake throughout the day and arrange them according to the priority you place on each. While making a list, be practical on your efficiency and avoid making long lists of tasks that you will not accomplish. There are various methods to rate the importance of each task. One such technique is the Eisenhower Decision matrix which helps rate the importance of each task. It arranges the tasks such that the first task is the most urgent and important, followed by the second which, although is important, isn’t urgent, then the third which is urgent but isn’t important and the fourth and the last, which isn’t important nor is it urgent.

Declutter your desk

A chaotic environment always makes it impossible for one to stay focused. Devote the first few minutes of your workday tiding your working area. This will help condition your mind so that you will be productive for the rest of the day. While there’s too much clutter on your desk, it triggers the mind to remember other things you are supposed to accomplish, which distract you from focusing on the task you currently have. It also wastes your time if you will always have to rummage through stacks of files to find an item. Some tips that will help to declutter your desk effectively include;

  • Only have on your desk the paperwork that you require for the day’s tasks.
  •  Have drawers, a physical folder and filing cabinets that you put the paperwork that you don’t require for the day.
  • On your computer, delete the temporary files that you no longer need.
  • Have a standard system for labelling files on your computer and place the files in suitable folders.

Eliminate any source of distractions

It is often impossible to ignore notifications from social media and emails. This is the case, mainly when we are working. If we are interrupted continually by push notifications, pings and text alert from various communication platforms, this tends to reduce our productivity. To ensure that your day is productive, start your workday by closing email tabs and making a personal ban right in the morning on the use of social media during the hours you’ll be working.

Take a shower

Having a shower in the morning will always help get your system circulation ready for the day.  Either a cold or hot shower will do. However, a cold shower has been attributed to making one feel more awake. Thus if you have no medical issue, a cold shower will be the best way to start your day.

In conclusion, having a productive day will be determined by your morning habits. Embrace the above morning healthy habits, and you’ll have productive days.