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5 tips to help people with depression succeed in finding work

One of the most important things that can help those of us with depression is having a steady, healthy routine to stick to.

Studies have shown that finding reliable work can not only provide a daily structure for those who live with depression, but it is also a gateway to a healthier lifestyle, too.

From having more freedom to choose healthy food options, as well as consistent physical activity, having work can help you to stimulate your brain to produce positive brain chemicals, which are key when you are living with depression.

But if you’ve been struggling to find work, here are 5 great tips to help you succeed!

1. Set a schedule for yourself

One way to keep yourself motivated is to look at job-hunting as a full time job in itself. This means beginning and finishing at a set time every day, and working towards small, manageable tasks throughout the time that you have set for finding work. Breaking up your tasks makes it a little bit easier to get things done – and also helps you feel more accomplished as you complete one after the other.

2. Rely on your support system

Sometimes, job-searching can drain your stamina, and make the hard days a bit harder to get through. It’s important to keep yourself grounded and know that you have people that you can rely on and talk to. Having friends and family supporting you can go a long way!

3. Be kind to yourself

While the sometimes-long process of job-hunting can lead to feelings of defeat, it’s important to remember that the results of a job search do not define you as a person. While living with depression while looking for a job over a long period of time can make you susceptible to unhealthy ways of thinking about yourself, don’t forget to use the healthy coping habits that you’ve learned and practice self-care, too.

4. Stay engaged

While job-hunting, it can be really beneficial to look for areas and groups in the community that interest you, and that need volunteers. Studies have shown that regular volunteer work can help to ease the symptoms of depression, as it helps you feel capable and independent, as well as takes you out of the house, too.

5. Consult with an NDIS provider

Feeling lost? It may be a good idea to get some expert employment help. NDIS providers are available to provide appropriate support and services to an NDIS participant. An NDIS provider can provide excellent disability employment services.

Wanting to see if you qualify for Disability Employment Services Perth? With APM, if you have a physical or mental health condition that affects your job prospects, you may be eligible to join the program. This includes depression, APM can help you.

Since 1994, APM has been providing comprehensive, meaningful human services to those who need it. APM-DES provides a personalised approach towards finding appropriate and meaningful employment for job seekers, enabling better lives for individuals.