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During the COVID-19 pandemic, of course, you spend more time at home than working in the office or hanging out with friends. You also start looking for activities or hobbies during activities at home, from collecting ornamental plants to cooking.

For those of you who make cooking a new hobby, the kitchen is a favorite area in the house. Therefore, you need to turn the kitchen into a fun area by applying some interior design ideas that can be learned at the Home Design Institute, Paris

Here are some kitchen interior trends that are expected to be popular, as reported by the Home Design Institute, Paris. Listen, come on!

1. Earth Tone

Earth Tone or earth colors, is expected to be one of the most widely used kitchen interior design trends. As the name implies, earth tones come from elements that exist on earth such as rocks, forests, sea, and soil.

The colors included in Earth Tone include gray which is taken from the color of the rocks, green is taken from the color of the trees, and blue is taken from the color of the sea or sky.

Earth Tones will generally be combined with other colors from nature to create an elegant and simple impression. The use of earth tones in the kitchen will make the residents of the house feel comfortable when cooking and remember the importance of preserving nature.

2. Retro style

If you want to try a new interior design in the kitchen, then there’s nothing wrong with trying a retro 70s, or 80s style interior design. Retro style is predicted to be popular again in 2022 because it can give a warm and pleasant feeling.

Retro-style interior design elements that will be popular, namely polka-dot patterns, to the use of wallpaper with floral or line motifs. Retro-style interior design is believed to be able to make residents of the house feel happy and at home in the kitchen.

3. Organic material

Along with the popularity of using Earth Tone as a kitchen interior, the use of organic materials is also predicted to rise in 2022.

Organic materials are believed to be able to create a space that feels natural but still features a modern touch. Elements of organic materials that are often highlighted, namely the use of wooden furniture or bamboo floors instead of carpets.

4. Natural light

Kitchens with natural lighting are also predicted to become increasingly popular in 2022. Therefore, some families choose to dismantle the kitchen in their homes to have large windows along with the kitchen table.

The large window in the kitchen is believed to create a natural atmosphere because it lets sunlight into the room. The sun’s rays will fall on some materials in the kitchen such as wood, marble, or glazed tiles so that the room looks more spacious and calming.

5. Minimalism

Minimalist design is believed to remain in 2022. Minimalist interior design emphasizes simplicity with a neat aesthetic. This design is usually used for a narrow room that is transformed into a kitchen.

Some of the furniture can be used for a minimalist interior design, namely a minibar dining table or kitchen set letter L. Meanwhile, the most widely used wall paint colors for minimalist designs are white, beige, or gray.

6. Plants in the kitchen

If you are a vegetarian, then there is nothing wrong with putting plants in the kitchen. Plants can provide a green accent and create a beautiful atmosphere in the kitchen.

The beautiful atmosphere is believed to improve the mood when cooking in the kitchen. However, you need to pay attention to the direction of the light if you want to put plants in the kitchen. Make sure the plants get direct sunlight to facilitate the process of plant photosynthesis.

7. Pet friendly

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are adopting pets. Therefore, they need to dismantle the kitchen to make it more pet friendly.

The kitchen will have a special storage area for cooking utensils so that they cannot be reached by pets.

You need to pay attention to cleanliness under the kitchen table or under the sink which will often be visited by pets. Also, avoid placing sharp objects in areas that are often reached by pets.

Wrapping Up

Those were the seven kitchen interior designs that are predicted to be popular in 2022. Of the seven interior designs above, which is your favorite design? If you are interested in taking an interior design course, you can take a course at the Home Design Institute, Paris.